Monday, September 21, 2009

End of the school year Party!!

Coming up soon at the end of October is the end of the school year party at the El Hato School. We have completely run out of donation money, so if we are going to give the kids a party this year, we need to raise more money!!
For the past 2 years, we have hired trampolines, a bouncy castle, bought pinatas for each grade and bought the food for the lunch. The cost of this party is about $700 US, so any help you can give is highly appreciated; if we don't raise the money, then there unfortunately will be no party this year!!
Please contact Briana at if you can donate. There are many ways to give...either via paypal, in our US or Canadian bank accounts, in our Guatemalan bank account that we use just for school donations, or you can send a check to Los Manos de Christine to get a US tax write off. All of the appropriate information can be given to you when you contact us.
Thanks again to all for their continuing support.
Here are some photos from previous parties!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tree Planting and Garbage Pick up!

On Aug. 18th, the children at the El Hato school planted 120 Gravilea trees. Earth Lodge bought these trees from the organization "As Green as it Gets" and we thank them for giving us such a great price!
The day started with a presentation of the importance and benefits of planting trees. The children explained that trees give water and oxygen as well as supplying firewood, fruit, paper and furniture. After the presentation, the children paired up and planted their trees!
The idea is that the each child is responsible for the tree that they planted, making sure it has water and picking the weeds around it. The children also picked up any garbage they found whilst planting the trees and put the rubbish in the garbage hole that was dug last year at the school.
Thanks to those that donated for this reforestation program!